Marlo wrote her debut EP Broken Lyrics in a basement, an RV, and college apartments. Heavy with nostalgia and tinged with hope, Marlo takes a look back on her life in each song. She wrote her first song “Sleeping Beauty” when she was 16.


“The writing process is just as important as the performance. Most often, I have a vision and a feeling for a song that I use as a starting point for lyrics. The words must tell the story of my vision,” Marlo says. 


Marlo is known for her stripped-down piano ballads paired with strong vocals. She uniquely combines melancholy pop with a folk singer-songwriter flair, like Brandi Carlile paired with Lana Del Rey, or Bright Eyes in the style of an acoustic Birdy. Her debut single, "Open Road,"  was described by Reignland Magazine as “a nostalgic piano ballad with strong vocals that takes the listener through the fears and joys of a long road trip."


A theater-lover since childhood, Marlo draws from the soundscape and melodrama of musical theater in her performance and writing style. She is inspired by musicians who embody these qualities, like Lady Gaga, Lorde, Panic! At the Disco, Tyler the Creator, and Elton John.


Marlo creates all aspects of her music—writing, singing, designing album art and merch, producing music videos, curating social content, and creating her website: Marlo is an artist informed by her multidisciplinary talents and eclectic creative process.


In less than two years, Broken Lyrics and her single, Cities, has resonated with 145,000 listeners and counting—from fans in her Indiana hometown to an international audience across 84 countries. Marlo has performed at venues and festivals across the Midwest and is available for bookings as she continues to make music. 


Marlo will release a new single in 2020. Be a part of Marlo’s process by following @listentomarlo, subscribing to her email list here, and getting updates at