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Echo Dance Company - 2017

Echo Dance Company is a group of women who continue their passion for dance, as well as collaborate with the community to further artistic ventures. I not only danced in the company, but also created the website experience. 

Angie's List - 2016

During my internship at Angie’s List, I worked primarily as an Interaction Designer on their User Experience team. My most significant contribution was my work on their reviews form redesign. I worked on the project from the conception of user flows and wire-framing, through user research and analysis, to the creation of high-fidelity prototypes. I worked with one other interaction designer, a researcher, and a strategist to come up with three potential solutions to improve the user experience of their reviews system. Since this was a company-wide initiative, I participated in meetings with project managers, executives, and developers regarding the new mobile and desktop prototypes and progress. Programs used to wireframe include Sketch and InVision.

DetailPro - 2015

I worked with Detail Pro in 2014 by first redesigning their brochures, business cards, and promotional media. I was also involved in photography for their website and social media sites, as well as creating a short video showing their services in action. In 2015, I initiated the creation and design of their website on the Wix website-building platform. Programs used include Illustrator and InDesign.

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