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2018 - Design Challenge

Daily UI

GOAL:  answer a daily user interface design prompt every day for 100 days


2018 - Newcastle University Open Lab


GOAL:  participate in ongoing digital civics research at Newcastle University Open Lab by creating and facilitating activities in a participant-focused design workshop


2017 - Purdue University

Rate Your Lyft

GOAL:  create a replacement for the current five-star rating model that Lyft uses to track and reward drivers in their system

Purdue Everywhere

2017 - Purdue University

GOAL:  create a comprehensive system that is responsive across multiple formats that increases the enjoyment and confidence of first year students at Purdue

Embodied Shopping

2017 - Purdue University

GOAL:  understand the needs of the contemporary grocery shopper; design of a refined experience for grocery store patrons that maximizes positive and empowering embodied patterns of interaction

2017 - Indiana University

Autonomous Cars & Kids

GOAL:  design accommodations for a

five-year-old child riding in an autonomous vehicle, while focusing on a specific aspect of the experience

2017 - Indiana University

Political Games

GOAL:  create a game that tackles the current political climate by exposing personal bias and promote understanding of other people's political beliefs

Reviews Form

2016 - Angie's List

GOAL:  update the current Angie's List reviews system, and test an inline, progressive, and modal designs with Angie's List users

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